You’re Invited to the Swankiest Comedy Party in San Francisco!

Blow the roof off 2015 with NOT YOUR NORMAL NEW YEAR’S EVE, San Francisco’s ultimate comedy party featuring stand-up comedy, live music, and a massive balloon drop.

Party All Night with Our Special After Show VIP Package

After the show, sip cocktails from the open bar all night, enjoy a delicious chocolate truffle buffet and dance the night away to a live bands and a DJ. Learn more

Experience Jill Bourque’s Epic Balloon Dresses!

A stand-up comedian, improviser, and producer, Jill Bourque has brought her unique style and off-kilter characters to clubs, festivals, and theatres all over the world. Bourque can be seen doing an improvised TV wedding on TLC’s Four Weddings and giving the funny low-down on parenting on Scripp’s new interactive online network,

Get Your Mind Blown with the Unconventional Comedy of Brent Weinbach!

Brent Weinbach, known for his physical and absurdist comedic style, is winner of the Andy Kaufman Award, which is given out once a year to recognize innovation in stand-up comedy.  He has appeared on ConanLopez Tonight, Comedy Central, HBO, and IFC, and toured with the Comedians of Comedy.

Live Mash-up Mixes by DJ Lucio K

Music mixed live by internationally-renowned Brazilian DJ Lucio K.  Using driving rhythm tracks, hundreds of insturments, and voices, Lucio K creates his mashups live and on stage, resulting in an explosion of energetic pop music infused with rock, reggae, hip-hop, swing, electronica, soul, acoustic, and other elements.  Now a resident of Oakland, Lucio K made his debut in his native Brazil in 2010 before going on to perform in Europe and the United States.